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“New School Unique, Southern Midwest Flow That’s Making A Statement In Today’s Hip Hop Scene.”

Tywaune Henderson was born in Kansas City, KS, with southern roots in Atlanta, GA Zone 6. Growing up, he would listen to musical influences like 2 Pac, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z. He always had a passion to be a rap/hip hop musician and would write rhymes and practice word play at the age of 10. Multiple run-ins with the law gained him the nickname of Ty Gutter. At 13, he was sent to live with his godfather in Atlanta College Park, GA. Ty Gutter quickly adapted to the southern ways of living while he attended North Clayton High School his freshman year. Shortly after, he got back in the street life and was sent back to Kansas City, KS his senior year. Then, he was a member of the underground rap group Clip Up Gang. Over the years, Ty Gutter perfected a new school unique, southern Midwest flow that’s gradually making a statement in today’s rap/hip hop scene. He’s not only a writer/artist, but also a brilliant business man passionate about music.


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